Thursday, December 18, 2008


Since I'm on holiday, I have the liberty of being nocturnal. And boy, I'm in my element. I guess a career in medicine, what with all the odd working hours and all, will suit me perfectly.

Here I share with you a poem I once studied in my Literature in English class. The title seems apt, or apt enough to describe my lifestyle.

Muhammad Haji Salleh
tonight we have the sea
and sky to help us live.
the winds that blow from behind us
persuade us to go into the future,
tell us not to fear
tranquility or difference.
late tonight we borrow the music of nature
to mend the rhythm of our souls
newly broken by the pace of machines
i hold your hand
to marry my body to your lucidity.
in this dawn
we find a world
that understand us.
we string our experiences
as proof of our humanness.

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Karmun said...

hahahahahaha stupid dumb ass poem. how many different interpretions of it did we come up with again when pn suriya asked? XD

how've you been doing?