Saturday, December 6, 2008

Artwork of The Week

I'm about an hour late, but here it is. I think the best thing I like about this piece is its title. And the fact that its really really cool.

Please do leave comments on what you think of this picture, and what it does to you.

Title: The Mere Shell of a Man

Artist: BrainsgoBoink


Niresh said...

the insides are all gone yet its shape is still mostly in tact. Doesn't change the fact that you can still see right through it. It's pretty much lost everything inside it. a painful loss it would have been as well... And i agree, brilliant selection for a title as well...

madellkcl said...

you can see right through human when they are broken. =)

lmk said...

Men are shiny and impressive on the outside, but when you slice them up and read them from the inside, you just find emptiness.

It doesn't have to be about loss, though.

All that gist of life was just the appearance.

(The word verification for this comment was "dessucki" btw... hmm)