Friday, December 26, 2008

Artwork of the Week: Dedicated to Victims of the '04 Tsunami

Another Friday, another post (but this is no ordinary Friday). Anyway, it is so very strange how when I was reviewing possible pieces to put up here, the ones that really caught my eye were riddled with images of the ocean in all its form.

Call that chance, or whatever you may, but I feel otherwise. So, in memory of the many many thousands who lost their lives in the 2004 Boxing Day malady that was the tsunami, I present to you this week's piece of art that struck something, somewhere, somehow.

Note: Piece is best viewed when enlarged. Click on image to do so.

Artist: pedroinacio
Title: From my window IV

P.S. I really could use this guy's work every single week because it is so stunningly beautiful, but I try my best to diversify the pictures. Also, please do no forget to tell me how you interpret this piece, or anything really, about this work of art.


jammy said...

I just feel a sense of helplessness when viewing it. Like I'm crashing like a tidal wave, and I couldn't do anything about it.
And at that exact moment, I feel like I'm standing right there on the edge looking out to sea, with all the waves crashing down below, and the wind beating at my face, and I've never felt so stranded.

Would you mind if I use it for my blog?

Deepak Sidhu said...

Not at all.

ndhaniya said...

Is that the title of the piece? The subject of the picture is a little ambiguous if you ask me. Is the storm moving away from the sunlit part, or towards it? Maybe that's part of its allure.
Clearly, the artist has taken it from his point of view, which is that of an observer. Imagine yourself either there too-helpless when you see someone else stranded- or right smack in the middle of that approaching doom.
If it's the latter, then jammy's pretty much got it down. The thought makes you feel almost accepting of your fate. You're helpless in the face of the magnanimity of forces against you, so you might as well just wait... calmly.

It could also be the calm after the storm?