Friday, November 28, 2008

Artwork of the Week: A Prologue

This is just something I've been meaning to do since I've started my blog. So I shall get to it.

This shall be a weekly section which will be published every Friday (hopefully), in which I will showcase a particular piece of art that has piqued my interest.

And as I write this, I am quite certain that I will not adhere to these terms (see, now you know a little more about me *wink wink*).

It may be a piece that has made me smile, made me think, or has raised my eyebrows.

It may be in vivid colour, or exclusively black and white.

It may be a painting, a photograph, a song or a poem.

Nothing is off limits, as art is well, art.

I may come back to an older post far off in the future and possibly hate every aspect of it, but that's basically what this section is about.

It will show something that at some point of time in my life, has caught my attention, for some reason or another.

So to commemorate the start of this section, let me share with you a piece of work that to me, seems to signify the dawn of a new beginning.

Title: Icarus Project - Study III
Artist: pedroinacio

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