Monday, March 15, 2010


We all know people who wait for a certain event to mark the start of their life. To some, it may be the day they finish high school, to others, the day they find love.

What then, does everything preceding that dictate?

Life is what happens every day; it has,
from the day we took our first breath.

I look at a recent picture of a once vibrant teacher from primary, and wonder how long has it really been. From when I wondered when I would be done with uniforms. Then, when I would get into medicine.

And now, when I would graduate.

What is a 19 year old to say about the length of life, you ask? To me, those 19 years now seemed to have flown past. When did our eyesight deteriorate? When did our parents grow older? When did we move out? When did we have to make our own decisions?

When did we take all of that in passing?

No, I don't deem those milestones insignificant.
I say that they are, in every sense of the word, milestones.

Milestones of a journey that had a starting point.
Not a journey where we wait for one.

Breaths are going to be taken, the heart is going to pump.

Realisation is all we need to comprehend how
we can live today, tomorrow and the next, with flair.

How I can enjoy reading about the
biomechanics of breathing, and perhaps,
not dream about the day I see biologically mechanical lungs.

How I can start getting into shape now, and perhaps,
not wait for a day when I seize the luxury of time to join a fancy gym.

How I can learn more about my religion, and perhaps,
not wait for a day when I have to.

How I can make my parents proud, and perhaps,
become a distinguished doctor.

How I can go to sleep right now, and perhaps,
wake up for class tomorrow.

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