Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(Sigh of relief)
After months of agony, I can finally smile.
And not the fake kind of smile you reserve for old aunties.
The genuine type, you know, that is infectious.
Annoying, really.

I found out that I'm going to Monash University to pursue my MBBS.
Orientation starts on the 23rd, which is freaking me out because I can visualise the day. You know, like how when you have an exam,
its nearing, and you can actually see the day it starts
in this little calendar in your head.

Okay, maybe its just me then.

* * *

And don't be silly.
No, I'm not going off to Melbourne in 13 days.
That would be insane. I'm going to be at the Sunway campus.
But somehow, I don't really understand why the reaction that I seem to be getting is that I'm
just going to KL. Fine, fine, its only a four hour drive from Penang. But it'll be the very first time I'll be moving out.
Dude, laundry? How the hell does anyone figure out ironing?

Haha, don't mind me. After such a tumultuous journey,
I'm just finally contented.
Contented, and smiling.
Now lets go drink! =)

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